Wednesday, July 3, 2019
By Leslie Haywood-Moore
Vacay?  Who Is Minding Your House?

You've been planning this trip for some time and almost every detail has been considered...or has it?  Have you thought about how to protect your home while you're out of town?  What's going to make sure that everything you left is still there in your return?

Nothing could ruin a trip more than coming back to find out your home has been burglarized or vandalized.  It makes sense to spend a little time before you leave making sure your home is as safe and sound as it can be.

There are a host of devices to use across the Internet including camera door bells, video cameras, door locks, garage door openers, and thermostat controls.  You can monitor your home whenever you have an Internet connection.  The question is whether you want the distraction from your trip.

Consider these low-tech suggestions along with your other normal efforts:

  • Tell your neighbors you'll be out of town and to be aware of any unusual activity.
  • Notify your alarm company
  • Discontinue your postal delivery
  • Use timers on interior lights to make it appear you're home as usual.
  • Don't make it easy for burglars by leaving messages on voice mail or posting on social networks.
  • Post on social networks after you've returned about your vacation.
  • Remove the hidden spare keys and give it to a trusted neighbor or friend.
  • Lock everything, double-check and set the alarm.
  • Take pictures of your belongings in case you need them.
  • Disconnect TVs and other equipment in case of unexpected power surges.
  • Adjust your thermostat.
  • Arrange for lawn care.
  • Consider disconnecting the garage door opener.
  • Put irreplaceable valuables in a safety deposit box.

Also, one extra tip I have found to be helpful for my listed properties is to designate a few lamps close to windows and use timers to turn on and off during night hours.  I have driven by homes where I knew an owner was out of town, and I still thought they were there because of the lights turning on at dusk. It works!  The little extra time it takes to set it all up is worth it.  Plus, your house will also show nicely at night when prospects drive by!  

It's nice to go out of town on a well-deserved trip, and it's always nice to get back home...especially when it is just the way you left it.  Enjoy your summer. :)  -- Leslie  731-225-2619  

Leslie Haywood-Moore, Moore Real Estate Company, Offering a creative approach to real estate for our creative city- Paducah!  25 years of sales & marketing experience and results! 

Leslie Haywood-MooreLeslie Haywood-Moore
Leslie Haywood-Moore,Sales Associate/Prop Mgr lives & works in Paducah, KY